All songs and lyrics, Copyright Eric Wise

Released Songs

Available on all streaming services2023

Almost Released Songs

With pro vocalists and pro musicians. Can only be heard here or on soundcloud.2023

Songs under development

Still being written. With a synthesized vocal and realistic sounding instruments2023

Songs released to all major streaming services

Ruby Red

The Ballad of Hinky

Treasure Box

A Pocket Full a Songs

Lay This Body Down

Sweet Seduction


Songs almost ready to release

Fishin’ For a Hook Mainstream Country


“My Love will set you free”

Drop Top Test Drive Mainstream Counrty

“Ain’t givin’ it back till I’m outta gas”

Too Many Guitars Country Blues

Don’t Know Nothin‘ Rock Instrumental

“A Rocking instrumental!”

The Ballad of Hinky (released)

“Brought ‘fore the judge t’ answer his crimes”

Shower Time Sunday Mainstream Country

“Shower Time Sunday, Getting the dirty job done”

Fishin For a Hook

“Fishin’ it ain’t about catchin’
Just gives you a chance to think”

Lay This Body Down

“The sun goes down
Turns to blackest night”

Amazing Dancer

“Give it all you got You give it everything Fall into the song Wild hair flying ’round”


“At the edge of a pond” Sits a clearing primeval”

For a Loaf of Bread

“I can’t deny I took that bread. Tried to get away but they caught me instead”

Good Old Days

“Driving you home as the curfew clock struck trouble. Your dad on the porch was waiting”

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