Eric Wise is a Songwriter, Composer, Creative Writer, Inspirational Speaker and photographer based in Boston, MA.


I am a songwriter who sees songs as expressions of feelings. When I write. I write a feeling more than thinking of it as simply writing a song. If my song does not “move” a listener then I work to “fix” it.

“This is the most romantic song I have ever heard”

Anonymous Listener


There is a time in a writers’ journey when they write something above and beyond what they have written before. When that happened to me, I decided to set my bar higher. I try to only write songs that are powerful, emotional and that are of great interest to listeners.

I write about things that move me. Generally, I write the song if I felt a strong emotion when the song idea came to me and I felt that other people would enjoy that same emotion. A good song needs to be interesting to other people.


I love writing lyrics! I believe that lyrics are the essential component that makes a song “good” or not. And if all else is good, the lyric can effectively direct the listener’s feelings.


I love composing music! I generally write a piece of music every time I sit down to play. Some are good enough to further develop and to become a song. I often post these pieces as an “Eric’s Playtime Series” video on Facebook, YouTube and as a blog post.

As I build up and develop a song, my goal is to add more instruments only if needed. The simpler the song the better. Many of my songs do not even have drums. One of my songs has only a Ukulele and a single voice.


Not being a singer, I have a bunch of instrumental songs that I perform at house concerts, open mics or anytime I am alone on a stage. Most are Solo Acoustic pieces but a few are multi-instrument songs. Ranging from Classical Guitar, Jazz, Blues and even Rock.

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  1. These sets of explanations are all inclusive. As I read what you chose to write, I felt your intense passion
    for your love of writing lyrics as well as music. The concept is clear that lyrics and music are expressions
    of feelings and your goal is to have an impact on the listeners as they hear your songs. I have great
    appreciation of your concept and the variety of songs that you have written are a testimony of that
    because the subject matter can be controversial while sending out messages for others to lean and feel.
    I wish you success as you continue to pursue your goals.

  2. Congratulations on the beautiful website, Eric!! So happy that you are still chasing “the muse” – your love of music and culture!! Keep up the great work, my friend! Love ya, brother! 😊👊🏻

    Peter Mercier

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